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Nuru Massage and Spa is offering full body massage services in Mumbai and several nearby areas. We also offer visit at home and Nuru massage at hotel services. We maintain a professional level of service quality and peaceful environment.
Our aim is to create a stress-free and healthy environment. We’re bringing the scientifically proven health benefits of massage therapies within reach of more people.

Choose your relaxing body massage or your facial and body ritual in Andhri Mumbai by Ankita full body massage services in Mumbai
All our staff are professional well trained and experienced.

Massages are known as a proven way to relieve stress, body aches and other physical and mental issues that an individual goes through, in the course of their stressful working schedule. An hour or two at the nuru massage center once or twice a week can result in a significant change in your physical and mental state. Massages can help you revitalize your body with a feeling of freshness. Do you also want to relieve those stressed muscles and take some stress off of your shoulders? Then Massages are your way to go. Even in a city like Mumbai where people are rushing towards their jobs, it’s important not to overlook your body. So we bring to you full body massage services in Mumbai.

Full Body to Body Massage prices is very low and it is a unique Technique by which customers gets the best Body Massage by Young and Energetic Female Therapist.