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Nuru Body Massage Center in Mumbai

Massage therapy improves blood circulation, releases harmful toxins and refines the function of vital organs. All of these factors contribute towards and improved immune system by nuru massage center in Mumbai. Countless studies have proved that massage therapy can help to prevent illnesses such as the cold and the flu, but have also shown to aid in the recovery of more serious ailments. So, call us and take the advantage of full body to body massage service in Mumbai with best Indian massage parlor.

Sandwich Massage Service

A growing body of research supports the health benefits of Sandwich massage therapy for conditions such as stress, low-back pain and more. Find out how you can benefit from adding sandwich massage therapy to your health and wellness routine.

Sandwich Massage Service

Body Spa Service

Body Spa massage also commonly referred to as sensual massage. Majority of people are suffering from stress that is affecting their physically, mental and spiritual life. But you can regain your well-being by going for a body to body massage.

Body Spa Service

Thai Massage Service

Thai massage therapy increases energy flow in the body, boosts circulation, and improves flexibility and your range of motion. The invigorating treatment helps wash away anxiety and sluggishness and boosts your mood.

Thai Massage Service
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Swedish massage

Hot stone massage

Aromatherapy massage

Deep tissue massage

Ankita Thai Spa and massage is the best body massage in mumbai which houses lots of ultra modern facilities. Reduces the stress and relax completely in this beautiful unisex massage and spa which good experience, rich look. We will extend a superior treatment to the old patrons and new entrants. Being the (best body massage in mumbai) our approach towards our job has a divinity in it which will be experienced by our clients immediately after entering our premises.

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Some of our team members have Good experience. At Ankita Spa & Relaxation, your massage therapist will apply Swedish massage, Mud wraps, couple treaments etc

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This Luxury and Best SPA In Mumbai offers exemplary massage services to the customers and charges nominal amount for the services rendered. We take pride in offering best body Spa in Mumbai. One of the "best body massage in Mumbai".